About us

The Hotel Garni, Apartment Christophorus was built in 1955 by Emma and Josef Kühr senior with the help of their successors Emmy and Herbert Kühr. Over the years the initial building that used to house a taxi company, has been enlarged and improved.

The name of our hotel is dedicated to the patron saint of travelers, Saint Christopher.

Since 1990 Christoph Kühr has been running the hotel together with his mother. By now our guests already get to enjoy the energetic support of his two children Nina and Jan, the 4th generation of the Kühr family.

Just like from the beginning, the annual renovations and refurbishments continue.

The recent innovations help enhance the comfort and well-being of our guests.

“The affinity for family and the pleasant atmosphere that especially our long-term regular guests appreciate has not changed over the years.

Our large and long-standing garden is still as perfect a place to relax as it always has been.”


Heiliger Christophorus - Logo
Familie Kühr

Family Kühr in December 2013 with Christoph Kühr,  Nina and Jan Kühr, Emma Wöll-Kühr, Willi Wöll and the dogs Ricky and Chiara